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My God, they actually have been saying boxing is dying for centuries

Boxing ... the undead sport for night walkers. Just don't turn on the lights

I always assumed that was just something people were saying till I stumbled onto these ancient articles from the google news paper archives dating back over 200 years. This is a long one and well worth the read. I think everyone here can appreciate this. Some of the text is scrambled though.

I'm going to quote from the articles found in the goodle news archives. They're well worth a read if you've ever stood on the boxing is dying bad wagon I read every one of these and love it. In no real order here are some I found most interesting. 

1937 - Jack Dempsey knows his own game. When he says boxing will be washed up within a year, unless something's done, he's talking straight from his heart. "It isn't boxing anymore, he complains, "but just a big lawsuit."

Still, when Jack thinks the evils of his former occupation can be cleaned up by appointing a czar-someone like judge landis, who runs organised baseball, there is room for doubt

Jul 22, 1966 - Boxing is dead no question in Jack Dempsey's mind the fight game is dead, there is no fight game to day the former champion said there never will be again.

May 22, 1965 - Boxing is dead not just in Boston but everywhere. Former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano gave that opinion in an interview recently with the Boston Traveler.

Apr 10, 1941 - They've been saying for. years that boxing is dead. Well, with the 52.000-odd gate for tho Joe louis-tony Musto fuss In St. Louis Tuesday night, the fight game neared the million-and-ahalf dollar mark for the nation's major attractions In this indoor season

May 26, 1965 - "I said boxing is dead, and I guess it's true," said Rocky Marciano sadly. "

"Dec 9, 1903 - Whether the timehonored sport of boxing is dead or only sleeping will probably be demonstrated this month so far as Los Angeles is concerned and the Coliseum Athletic Association which has now completed an uptodate."

"Jun 15, 1906 - Jim Neil Declares Boxing Is Dead in New York"

"Jun 1, 1923 - Boxing Is Dead Sport, Says Chicago's Mayor Chicago, May 31. -- Boxing "is a dead sport," Mayor William 13. Dever declared tonight when informed that James Mul- len, promoter of. lust Tuesday's engage- ment between Benny Leonard and Pinkie Mitchell, which ended in a fist fight be- tween ... "

Jun 2, 1942 - Promoters gen erally hold the view that due to In creased taxes they cannot afford "cuts" to that therefore boxing is dead.

Nov 29, 1943 - Others say, yeah, boxing is dead game; it smells like dead game that been lying under the sun for . The optimists and well-wishers that boxing has lost its champs and stars, but that there are still good fights to be seen.

1957- wrestling promoter: I know what this is all about," he declared. The commission is running In the red because boxing is dead and it wants to tap some of the gates we're getting.

Jun 15, 1957 - WHO SAYS BOXING* i IS DEAD. Yesterday morning s sports pages in TV TaimuNz were about the liveliest we have been

un 22, 1960 - Don't tell me boxing is dead. HARRY KECK All it needs is for the people be as honest with themselves in their appraisal of it as they insist that boxing be. For every Jake lamotta in boxing there are thousands of well-meaning boxers, managers and promoters who are on the level and

1962 - Boxing is dead in Baltimore It is almost dead everywhere

Dec 18, 1962 - Boxing is dead or dying in many parts of the world, but in Italy it is a fact.

Jun 9, 1963 - THE many sports fans who believe that boxing is dead or dying can get the argu ment of their lives by looking up HerbertBuddy

Jan 7, 1965 - Unless something is done very soon, boxing is dead. "Right now there s too much politics in the various commissions. They mean well, but they don't know what they re doing

Feb 3, 1965 - But after what this one did, don't listen to arguments that boxing is dead. The paying public wants live fights so badly that the Garden soid out days ahead of the fight.

May 28, 1966 - Some say boxing is dead If so its ghosts cer tainly are kingsized


Jun 17, 1969 - Don't you believe those stories that boxing is dead. The heavyweight fight between Jerry Quarry and Joe Frazier next Monday night has captured the fancy of the fight mob. It looks now as though it will do an 800000 gate at Madison Square Garden, the biggest indoor take in history.

(nice to see promoters haven't changed either)


Jun 17, 1969 - Dies that boxing is dead. The heavyweight fight between Jerry Quarry and Joe Frazier next Monday night has captured the fancy of the fight mob. It looks now as though it will do an 800000 gate at Madison Square Garden, the biggest indoor take in history.

un 20, 1969 - If boxing is dead, as a few allege and suspect, then Madison Square Garden on Monday night will be the scene of the liveliest wake since our "byes" in Canaryville said farewell to Nuts Nolan.

Feb 4, 1974 - The evidence says boxing is dead.

Aug 4, 1974 - Anyone who says boxing is dead is speaking and thinking in cliches. As the new president of the Garden, Mr.' Coheri should realize that he is now in show business, Boxing does not so much need a "bottom-line" executive as it needs an imaginative promoter and showman willing to take

Oct 31, 1974 - With Muhammad now unchallenged at the top, the dimwits again will chorus that boxing is dead. They've been saying this since before Sports Illustrated began investigating a fix in the Cain vs. Abel match. If boxing has been dead, you ve been sitting in on the longest wake in history

Nov 27, 1975 - "Each year the new people up here keep telling me boxing is dead but they don't seem to realize that boxing never before had three heavyweights like Ali, Prazier and Foreman at the same time. The new people keep talking about the good old days in boxing

Jun 15, 1976 - They say boxing is dead They say wrestling is dead I predict we will have a bigger crowd than at any of my fights They say it s dead Well rm the resurrector The Resurrector Well have a big crowd The Asian world The karate world The judo world The Bruce Lee world Pleeasse get your ...

1977 - . I have news for Lea Boxing is dead with him.

1977 - says Ali "although I might like to be a lecturer " If, as claims, "boxing is dead when I'm not involved," what will happen to the sport when he does finally retire'

Christ this can go on for ever. Basically it goes on with the press saying there will be no one after Dempsey, then no one after Rocky, then no one after Ali. The wonderful part is that all these guys, these "saviours of boxing" all believed there would be no one after themselves. Tyson also said this. Boxing seems to make a habbit of out living itself. It's a bit of a walker that one. It's probably just going to keep getting back on its feet, which isn't so bad, zombie boxing is the best kind of boxing.