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The Zombie RiZing - so what's all this then?

break the chains of constraint

This morning you worked hard, travelled far in your car for a job that doesn't take off. When you're done you go to a bar looking for a lay off. Drink alone in your bedroom thinking of better things. Sing songs in your head dreaming of finer bling. Live life through your window wishing for real wings. You switch your brain off in the televesion dreaming of fantasia, wishing you were in Narnia or planning eutansia. The litch is here he's coming to save ya.

You don't go to Narnia you gotta plan to make it. It won't come for you, you gotta go take it. Now you're a zombie man, the real deal, you're here in wonderland. The life out your window is over, you're through the looking glass now, part of the horde, singing praises to the lord, fighting the system that's been keeping you bored.

The elite are in your head, now they're knee deep in the dead. The walking dead? It's propaganda. A fake story to take away your glory. You are the revolution, they know it so they poison the solution. You're a zombie man. They tell you it's a virus, I tell you they lie to us. They've taken our brains to spite us. They live in luxury to blight us.

Fear the walking dead? No. We live in their head, they're scared we'll break through their windows and rattle their bed. Their golden tower is fallin now, their power going down. The mindless are waking, now their system is there for the taking. The dead are waking, marching through the streets and congregating.

They tell you to fear.

You are the fear.

Fear the hoard they're coming for ya. Hit the gas, in case of zombie break glass. Get out of town, we'll run you down. I got a magic hammer, I'm a lot like Thor.

Follow me. Chase the white rabbit and fear no more